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Karl Johannes Eskelund (1918-1972) was a Danish travel writer who wrote more than 20 books based on his travels around the world. Prior to becoming a travel writer, Karl was a war correspondent in China. After the war he "settled down" - if you can call it that - in Denmark and started his writing career. His modus operandi was to scour published media, talk to people who had traveled to an area he thought was interesting and start making travel plans. Karl's wife Chi-yun (Fei) Eskelund usually accompanied him on his trips and was more often than not, an active participant in the book's events. Most of their travels were in Asia, Africa and Latin America and many times under rugged conditions. Neither Karl nor Chi-yun shied away from "roughing it" or going to politically restive countries or regions. A partial list of the countries they traveled in and wrote about includes the Soviet Union (Russia), Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Ecuador, Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia, China, Japan, Cuba (shortly after Castro took over), Persia (Iran) and India.
Karl and Chi-yun Eskelund by the
Pyramid of Teotihuacan in Mexico 1954